InnoCentive RSS Feeds

On this page, InnoCentive provides RSS feeds for the InnoCentive Blog, which contains periodic postings on the general topic of innovation, and for Challenges that are open to Solvers. Challenge feeds are organized into groups, making it easier for you to keep up to date on available Challenges in your areas of interest.

We encourage you to view RSS feeds in a news reader for your personal use, or to incorporate them into a web site or blog. If you post content on your web site, we require that you provide proper attribution. InnoCentive reserves the right to require you to cease distributing the content at any time for any reason. For more on conditions of use, see the Terms of Use.

What Is RSS?
Any of various XML file formats suitable for disseminating real-time information via subscription on the Internet. Really Simple Syndication.

RSS Tools:
There are various ways to access RSS feeds. You can install a news reader that displays RSS feeds from web sites you select (such as Many of these are available at no charge. You also can use a web-based news reader added to a personal or other web page, and RSS feeds may be added to email tools such as Microsoft Outlook.

You can get lists of news readers from Google or Yahoo, among other sources.

How to Access RSS Feeds?
Once you have a news reader available, click on the orange RSS logo next to each feed you want to subscribe to, and follow the instructions in the dialog box to add the feed to your news reader or your web page.